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CBS Conferences is the sister company of Career Building Solutions, a national recruiting firm and consulting business. We have combined our 25+ years of industry experience to develop a solution for average career fairs. Our professional approach is to break the mold of the average “job fair”. CBS is teaming up with our recruiting sales force and our professional consultants in order to help ease the burden of the hiring process.

With the help of our CBS staff we will ensure that we understand your company’s needs and expectations prior to attending our conference. This helps us so we can pre-screen and introduce you to only qualified candidates that meet and exceed your business needs. All the while saving your business money not to mention the burden of time and reviewing unqualified candidates. So let us do the work for you and join us at our next conference and experience the difference today.

2333 Northgate Drive, Hinckley, OH 44233
Phone: 216-328-5600   Email: info@careerbuildingsolutions.com