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Finding your dream job in any industry is challenging, to say the least. The key is to know exactly what you want. As someone who is passionate about the automotive industry and would like an automotive career, the most important selling point that you have is your skills. Without having the skills to sell yourself, you won’t be able to convince employers that you are a worthy choice for their company. If you are just starting out in the industry, you can gain skills through trades training.

Once you are well versed in the skills side of your field, your next step should be to identify the exact position that you would like to have. For example if you want to work in B.C., then your research should specifically cover the trades in BC in your chosen city. While it’s great that you know that you would like to work in the automotive industry, there are a plethora of positions that exist within the field.  If you have a few ideas about specific career paths that you would like to follow but are still unsure of where you would be the best fit, take the time to research and identify individuals who are working in positions that you are considering to learn more actual on-the-job information.

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